Thursday, July 26, 2012

Up to Bat!

So, I started out this morning with household items to take care of; recipe for smoothies, homemade salsa, and a cup of coffee.  I woke up late and got pulled to the computer for Pinterest shopping and ideas.  I shopped online and then found my way to my teaching board and then fell into working on my blog again.  I was a bit more successful today!  I customized it and I'm fairly happy with it all.  For now.

My mind is swirling with tasks to tackle: de-cluttering my office, working on Back to School items for my new classroom and my own children.  Oh, and I'm still a mom, all of that will get worked in there first!

So, I've had my coffee and made the smoothie.  The salsa ingredients are still on the counter, waiting...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On deck...

I'm testing this out to see how this all works.  I'm not up to bat yet.  I'll post more as I see how this appears to others.